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    [30-Sep-2005] UDoDJ - Version 1.1 released  - Download UDoDJ 1.1
     Musicmatch® 9 (or earlier) users will love the Multi Library Option now implemented into UDoDJ 1.1.

This option simply means that you can select more than one  Musicmatch® ddf file to be exported to the same PCDJ recordcase at a single blow.

    [23-Sep-2005] UDoDJ - Version 1.01 Beta released  - Download UDoDJ 1.01 beta
bulletSome bugs within the Grouping Criteria Selection Lists fixed.
bulletAll library fields now available for grouping and sorting.

You are now able to generate a multi level category structure as groups/subgroups for PCDJ based on any of the MP3 tags supported in the library of Musicmatch® 9 or 10.


PREFERENCE - YEAR (Note: Up to Musicmatch 9 only)
NOTES - RANKING (Note: Musicmatch 10 only)
CUSTOMFIELD1 - CUSTOMFIELD2 (Note: Musicmatch 10 only)
GENRE - PENTADE - ARTIST (Note: PCDJ in it's current Version does not support more than two levels of grouping).

Additionally you are able to define the sorting that occurs within (behind) these two group levels.

    [17-Sep-2005] UDoDJ - Version 1.0 Beta released

With UDoDJ 1.0 you are now able to generate your customised multi level category structure. For PCDJ this is the two level groups/subgroups structure. You can select any combination of many of the MP3 tags supported by Musicmatch®.

    [18-Aug-2005] UDoDJ - Version 0.10 Beta released
    In this second revision some bugs have been fixed. The bugs were mostly in the context of getting duplicate group entries or groups with no name due to empty GENRE or special characters like \ / : * ? " < >  within GENRE.

For demonstration reasons the predefined group/subgroup structure has been changed from GENRE - YEAR  to GENRE - PENTADE where pentade means a 5-Year-Period. As already said the user can set the group/subgroup structure himself in one of the next releases.

    [17-Aug-2005] UDoDJ - Version 0.01 Beta released
This very first revision now supports Musicmatch® Version 9 additionally to Musicmatch® Version 10.

If you have a Musicmatch® Version 10 Library on your system it will be used and exported to PCDJ.

All other functionality is the same as described beneath for UDoDJ Version 0.00.

MM9 does not store notes in its database. It just keeps the notes in the MP3 file itself. This is the reason you will not find any note in the exported playlists.



[16-Aug-2005] Free Download of UDoDJ - Version 0.00 Beta

This first and only version of UDoDJ converts the song library of Musicmatch 10 to the groups/subgroups structure of PCDJ 7.2.

In this first trial version you can not yet select the grouping categories and sort criteria. Instead GENRE is unchangeably predefined as first group level and YEAR as second group level.

Correspondingly in this version you cannot define the sorting criteria. Records are sorted by tags TEMPO, ARTIST and TITLE within each GENRE and YEAR.


The program accesses your Musicmatch® 10 Library (readonly). Musicmatch® 10 may be down or up and running.

It reads all the record entries and  generates and overwrites the PCDJ GROUPS.XML file in the currently active Visiosonic Recordcase path.

Additionally UDoDJ creates a PCDJ Playlist for every subgroup it generates. These "group_subgroup.xml" files are written into the "playlists" subdirectory within the PCDJ recordcase path. Any .xml files with the same name are overwritten.

You get a system prompt to confirm GROUPS.XML and playlist files to be overwritten.

After UDoDJ is finished You have to restart PCDJ. Read the statusline of UDoDJ for more details.


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